net1 [net]
[ME < OE nett, akin to Ger netz, Goth nati < IE base * ned-, to twist together > L nodus, a knot]
1. a fabric made from string, cord, etc., loosely knotted or woven in an openwork pattern and used to trap or snare birds, fish, etc.
2. anything that catches or entraps; trap; snare
3. any of various devices made of meshed fabric, used to hold, protect, or mark off something [a hairnet, tennis net]
4. a fine, meshed, lacelike cloth, used to make curtains, trim garments, etc.
5. NETWORK (n. 2 & 3)
6. Volleyball Tennis etc. a ball or shuttlecock that hits the net, whether or not it goes over: cf. FAULT (n. 8): in full net ball
7. [usually N-] [Informal] Comput.short for INTERNET: with the
netted, netting
1. to make into net or a net
2. to make with net
3. to trap or snare with or as with a net
4. to protect, shelter, or enclose with or as with a net
5. Volleyball Tennis etc. to hit (the ball or shuttlecock) into the net
to make nets or network
net2 [net]
[ME, trim, clean < Fr: see NEAT1]
1. remaining after certain deductions or allowances have been made, as for expenses, weight of containers or waste materials, nonessential considerations, etc.
2. after all considerations; final [net loss]
a net amount, profit, weight, price, result, etc.
netted, netting
to get or bring in as a net; clear as profit, etc.

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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